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Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances Pazardzhik
About Pazardzhik Ensemble

Bulgarian folklore is a real treasur, a possession of a people whose creative genius for thirteen centuries has made unique, original and rich folklore.

Ensemble Pazardzhik has the pleasure of working in the most interesting folklore region where five of the most beautiful folklore districts in Bulgaria overlap and enrich one another.

This fact is a prerequisite for the variety of tints, beat and melodies in the performances of Pazardzhik Ensemble.

The ensemble has 45 years of dignified existence, constantly improving its work it is the only one, unique propagator of the folklore in the region and has head over 5500 concerts - both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The emotional, vivid and original spectacles of Ensemble Pazardzhik give Bulgarian spirit to every holiday and every stage where the ensemble exhibits its skill and talent.

Manager: Atanas Cholakov
Choreograph: Kostadin Nizamov
Conductor orchestra: Tzanko Nenkov
Conductor choir: Ivanka Paunova
Ансамбъл Родопа Смолян
ансамбъл "Родопа"

Валентина Китова - хореограф
Валентина Китова

Българския гайдар Венцислав Андонов
Венцислав Андонов
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